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It is an English Medium Co-educational school . The school was established under the aegis of "Sonal Educational Society", constituted and guided by famous and experienced scientists, educators and administrators spread over 10 acres of open land. The school was founded in April 2004 with a view to impart quality education. It has coordinated and integrated approach of personality development. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. We aspire to bring back the glory of the wonder that was India. The modern infrastructure is designed to provide unique teaching learning environment to make learning, enjoyable and everlasting. The spacious school building is surrounded by lush green play fields providing an eco friendly pollution free and quality intesive environment away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.


  1. Developing integrated personality of student with emphasis on moral ethical and spiritual values.
  2. Inculcating scientific temper and developing humane approach in problem solving.
  3. Building environment for creativity, physical fitness, dignity of labour, leadership and love for nature.
  4. Providing healthy human nature towards self-actualization.
  5. Enriching intellectual life and verbal skills through E-learning, animated debates, discussion and brain storming sessions etc.

Action Plan

  1. Organizing regular tutorials to reduce home work and discourage outside coaching.
  2. Providing incentives to teachers and students who attain excellence in academic sports, social and cultural activities.
  3. Making available multi-media facilities for improving teaching and learning.
  4. Accessibility of Internet for enhancing capability of teachers and learners.
  5. Developing hobbies of students and channelizing these in various vocations such as engineering, science, medicine, homemaking, horticulture, painting etc.
  6. Periodical physical and health checkup and providing guidance and counseling.
  7. Stress and strain free Nursery , KG-I and KG-II classes with emphasis on "No bags no homework".
  8. Regular parent- teacher meet to monitor students progress and personality development.
  9. Regular sports and co-curricular activities to develop creativity and leadership qualities.
  10. Organizing lectures of eminent people in various aspects of co-scholastic fields to broaden physical and mental horizon of students and teachers.
  11. Major thrust on life skills education such as thinking, social and emotional skills to inculcate positive attitude and value towards school programme, school mates, teachers, environment and society.

Levels of classes


  1. Social and emotional adjustment.
  2. Development of neuron muscular co-ordination.
  3. Teaching and learning through carefully crafted play way method.
  4. Identification of shapes and colours, objects, drawing shapes, colouring, basic numerical, alphabets, words development of motor skills through games.
  5. Development of fluency in Spoken English.


  1. To achieve fluency in spoken and written English.
  2. Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Value Education, Skills like Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Physical Education etc.
  3. General Knowledge and Socially Useful Productive Work.


  1. Thrust on fluency in spoken and written English and Hindi.
  2. The school will provide guidance and counseling to students.
  3. Introduction of Computer literacy and online learning.

Additional emphasis on preparing students for Board Examination and for admission to specialized institutions in the field of Science, technology, art and commerce.

Senior Secondary:
Besides following guidelines of CBSE, the school is providing opportunities to students for developing adequate knowledge and skills for various competitive examinations held by public and private sectors. For this we organize various competitive exams like cyber Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, Guest faculties for counseling and preparation for PMT, JEE, CA, CS etc.


All activities of Nalanda Public School have been carefully chosen to foster ethos of allowing children to develop to their full potential. The students have been divided into various houses for the purpose of sports, cultural, literary and other activities to generate greater participation, motivation and a healthy spirit of competition. Students who excel in these fields are suitably awarded.

Co- curricular activities:


  1. Passage, Reading, Recitation, Story Telling.
  2. Essay writing, Debate and Declamation.
  3. Creative writing, General Knowledge, Quiz.
  4. Lectures by eminent speakers in their respective fields.

Extra Curricular Activities:


  1. Music, Dance, Drama, Skits etc are organized and the participants are rewarded.
  2. Drawing and painting competitions are also held on a regular basis Karate, Yoga and Meditation training are our special features.
  3. Science club, Nature club, Library clubs are functioning.
  4. All National and important festivals and other special days are celebrated to created awareness of cultural heritage among students.

Prescribed School Uniform

Half sleeve light grey shirt (For boys and girls). Dark Grey full check pants with belt loops (Boys). Dark Grey check skirt (I – V without divided) for girls. School necktie, School belt, Leather naughty boy shoes for boys, Leather buckle shoes for girls. Black socks with two white stripes, Black ribbon for girls.

Wednesday – White shirt (For boys and girls), White full pants (Boys), White skirt

 (I – V without divided for girls), White plain socks, White canvas shoes, White ribbons for girls.

Saturday – House coloured T shirts (Round neck) with white pants (For boys), White skirts (For girls), White canvas shoes, White ribbon for girls.

Winter Uniform – During winter the students should wear the prescribed dark grey Jersey/Sweater with red and black stripes, Black scarf/Cap.

White pyjamas with Wednesday and Saturday uniform for girls. Black pyjamas on other days.

Note -  Students must wear neat and clean proper school uniform. Boys must have their hair closely trimmed and properly combed. Two plaits are compulsory for girls.

Uniform for Kindergarten

Students of Nursery, KG-I and KG-II classes have different colour uniform.

Maroon check with cream colour frock with collar (For girls), Maroon check shirt with cream colour pants(For boys). Cream colour socks and Leather naughty boy shoes for boys, Leather buckle shoes for girls. These students need not to wear belt.

Wednesday – White T shirt, Blue Denim pants for boys, Denim Blue skirt for girls, White shoes, White socks, Maroon sweater with cap during winter.

 White pyjamas with Wednesday uniform for girls. Maroon pyjamas on other days.

Note - Students must wear neat and clean proper school uniform. Boys must have their hair closely trimmed and properly combed. Two plaits are compulsory for girls.


Note : No parent is compelled to purchase the book set or the prescribed school uniform from any particular shop.

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